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Follow Your Dreams E-Course

This Follow Your Dreams E-Course will empower you to:
*Honor your deeply held desire to give voice to your dreams.
*Take time, take action, & take space for your visions.
*Connect spiritually with yourself, embrace the omnipresence of divine messages, & welcome your dreams into being.
*Learn specific techniques for discerning your dream's messages for you. 
*Hear tips & secrets for recognizing your intuition. 
*Trust that your dreams come to you for your highest good and well-being, whatever their form. 
*Befriend your fear and take actions in the direction of your dreams.

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Registration before January 12th = $198

One-on-One Sessions with Sally

One-on-one personal visits with Sally are $100.00 for a 55 minute session. Once paid for and scheduled, please give 24 hours notice for cancellation so the space can be released for someone else’s use. Call or email Sally to confirm a time if this has not already been done. or 713-906-9808.

Create Your Shadows Divine: Creating and Moving With Your Shadows
October 4, 2014

Nia Moves
509 Pecore St
Houston, TX 77009

Saturday October 4th ~ 12:15pm-4:30pm
Early Registration $98.00 | After September 24th $108.00

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Grieving, Growth & Gratitude

This is a Grieving, Growth and Gratitude® support circle in which we will deepen our
emotional and spiritual intelligence by walking through our grief, sharing our stories and
releasing the beliefs that no longer serve us. In being witnessed by others with love and
care, we transform our losses to joy and experience gratitude for all of who we are,
learning good boundaries, self-love and the ability to connect authentically in our lives.

Download PDF Flyer

When: For eight Mondays beginning October 6, 2014 and ending November 24, 2014
Where: Spectrum Center, 4100 Westheimer, Suite 233, Houston, TX 77027
Cost: $260 (early registration by September 23, 2014) $295.00 afer.
Pre-registration: Required with a $50.00 non-refundable fee to hold space.

Early Registration


Women's Shadow Work Weekend - September 19-21, 2014

"Darkness cannot be driven out by darkness; only light can do that."
—Dr. Martin Luther King

SEPT 19 - 21, 2014

Fri 6:30pm - 10pm • Sat 9am - 6pm • Sun 9am - 3:30 pm
Houston, Texas (non-residential)
$350.00 early registration; $400.00 after Sept 5
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Registration Costs


Creative Visioning Workshop

Saturday June 28th — 12:15pm-4:30pm
Early Registration $98.00
After June 4th $108.00
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Early Registration Option


Sacred Feminine Spirituality Circle

Integrate 9 principles of sacred feminine spirituality into your life

Where: Spectrum Center, 4100 Westheimer, Houston TX
When: 8 Wednesdays, starting April 23 through June 11
Cost: Before March 31st $189.00 then $215.00
Call for more information. Pre-registration is required.
Sally 713-906-9808
Download Flyer (PDF, 499KB)

Early Registration

Dancing Our Shadows

A journey from darkness into light as we embrace our authentic selves in movement, connection and joy.

Where: NiaMoves, 508 Pecore, 77009
When: Sunday, April 6th 2:00-6:00pm
Cost: Before March 26th $98.00 then $107.00
Call for more information. Pre-registration is preferred.
Sally 713-906-9808 / Cambrey 512-299-8662
Download Flyer (PDF, 641KB)

Before March 26th


Shadow Work™ Series

Discover, Honor and Reclaim the power of th e four archetypal energies hidden within you.

Cost: $160 before January 18th and $189 afterward.
When: 8 Wednesdays starting Feb. 5th thru March 26th.
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:15 pm
Where: Spectrum Center, 4100 Westheimer, Houston TX. 77027
Pre-registration is required and spaces limited. Send registration with name, email address,
phone number to: Sally Bartolameolli, 922 Nadine Street, Houston, TX. 77009
Download Flyer (PDF, 1.77MB)

Early Registration


Individualized Transformational Phone Coaching with Sally

Your calls are confidential and based on "what you want to have happen", most effective in conjunction with an Ecourse. Establishing a foundation of INTENTION (what you want to have happen), being WITNESSED while receiving assistance in recognizing unconscious or conscious painful dynamics and then developing an ACTION plan to practice new behaviors and practices creates momentum for creating the life you desire.

OPTIONS for Transformational Coaching Calls:
1) Sign up for THREE - 45 minute phone sessions @ $189 to be completed within 30 days.
2) Sign up for SIX - 45 minute phone sessions @ $350 to be completed within 60 days. (Save over $28.00)
3) Sign up for 9 - 45 minute phone sessions @ $468 to be completed within 90 days (Save almost $100)

Packages (number of calls)


*Ecourses available ~ These are confidential communications and individually directed mentoring and partnerships created to focus in the following areas:

Visioning, Creating and Manifesting

In this 8 week, individualized and confidential ECOURSE, you will develop skills to discern your deepest desires. Fear, confusion and "not-knowing" will be honored but no longer will keep clarity away. Once clarity emerges, you will be guided through the processes of Creating a Vision Board, unique to your desires, passions and visions for your life. The third step in this powerful process is aligning your actions with your intentions for manifesting what you want in your life. Clarifying your visions for your life is an act of love and service for all. Our heart's desires are there for a reason and with support, clear intention and some very simple steps, you can move in the direction of these desires and dreams; being of service to yourself and others.  


*NEW* E-Course — Principles of Sacred Feminine Spirituality

In this ecourse, you will have an opportunity to learn 9 Sacred Feminine Principles to assist you in deepening your emotional and spiritual intelligence. There is also a 4 step prayer and meditation practice that you will learn to add to, enhance or become own prayer and meditation practice. Intention is the beginning of manifesting and creating the life you desire. Prayer and meditation offer the guidance to put those intentions into action.
This ECOURSE is a confidential and rare opportunity to partner with someone to create a sacred initiation for you to impact any area of your life and transition you on the fast track to a break thru and new enlightened state. Together we explore the physical emotional, spiritual, relational and financial realms as you answer the calling from within. There are limited spaces available. Sign up and begin this journey today!

Early Registration Now!

8 Week Ecourse

E-Course - Creating a Powerful Initiation - $295

Initiations include sacred ceremonies and rituals that move us through four stages to an enlightened rebirth. Do you have the sense that there is something ready to be birthed within you? Do you thrive in partnership and accountability? Do rituals and ceremonies that fit your unique spiritual beliefs resonate deeply within you and move you into action?

This ECOURSE is a confidential and rare opportunity to partner with someone to create a sacred initiation for you to impact any area of your life and transition you on the fast track to a break thru and new enlightened state. Together we explore the physical emotional, spiritual, relational and financial realms as you answer the calling from within. There are limited spaces available. Sign up and begin this journey today!



Relationships from Addiction to Authenticity

Addictive dynamics in relationships keep us in pain, unfulfilled wanting and emotional emptiness. In this course, you will learn about sex and cosex addiction along with four essential tools needed to rebuild a relationship with self, Divine Source and others. 


Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children

Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children is an invitation to explore our own experiences as children, what worked, what did not and develop techniques and responses as parents that align with our values today. In this course, you will learn how to empower your child to make choices and be responsible for those choices without shaming. You will learn how to language requests and re-direct inappropriate behavior while teaching children healthful emotional expression and communication for themselves. This ECourse is an opportunity to reframe hurtful childhood experiences that we had as parents and then empower and encourage children with high self-esteem, individuality and emotional maturity. This course is effective for adult children as well.

Start Writing Today!

This course gets you started with your dream of writing and puts pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard. In this course, you will begin to speak out loud what you want to write, an outline for doing so and create a structure for your daily practice. Cost: $295

Conflict: Initiation Into Intimacy

This course teaches how to embrace and access conflict as a source of understanding self and relationships with others. Learn tools for authentic communication, develop boundaries for closeness and transform pain into joyful connection. Cost: $295

Sovereign, Lover, Warrior And Magician Archetypes

These are the four archetypal energies that we work with in Shadow Work®: Learn how to identify, channel and direct these energies with intention, purpose and clarity. Cost: $295

Grieving, Growth and Gratitude®

An eight week interactive ecourse which allows the participant to be witnessed in telling their story. The focus may be on a specific loss that lingers, perhaps not fully grieved, or it may be to have an objective perspective from someone who can accompany the participant on the journey through their unique story. The intention is to come to a place of acceptance and gratitude for the experiences and find the wisdom and gifts within the participant's own story.

Ancestral Weaving

This course explores ancestral patterns and honors the soul lessons in our heritage. Together we develop awareness of painful family dynamics and learn how to heal these wounds. Within our intention for healing, we are free to claim our birthright to envision, create and manifest our Divine Purpose. Individuals will come away with at least three Ancestral Soul Lessons to be manifested as tools in their life.

Embracing our Divine Destiny and Purpose®

An eight week interactive ecourse based on the principles of Blessings From Mary which explore our purpose, passion and divine destiny.

Creating Divinity Circles®

Creating Divinity Circles® is an eight week course that teaches how to design structures that are simple and potent. These structures are created for the purpose of accessing the abundance resources available in the spiritual, physical and relational realms and utilized to manifest one's deepest desires and Divine Purpose. We hold the belief that all persons have a unique path for their soul's expression and for service that makes a difference in the world. Divinity Circles® are the container for birthing this expression through intention, action and the sacred connection we invite with others.

Ecourse Cost: $295.00 for each 8 week course. Begins once payment is received. Individually paced.


ECourse - Self Sabotage - $295

Do you find yourself taking two steps forward and three steps back into old habits you’ve been trying to change for years?  Have you done a good deal of personal growth work and still experience yourself stuck in one or more areas of your life?

This 8 week Ecourse provides you breakthrough strategies and practices that propel you forward into the life you dream about in every area: relationships, body vitality, financial success, business design, letting go of the past, creating a fulfilling possibility for your future and full creative and spiritual expression. Discover how your own personal Saboteur shows up and creativity is blocked. Creative energy is our power to manifest. Develop your intuitive skills to create, redirect your saboteur and discipline your energy for service and joyful living.

Within this confidential, sacred partnership that is formed, you will design a unique implementation of the strategies and practices to eliminate self-sabotaging behaviors for good and use all of your energy for creation.



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