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Sally Bartolameolli

photosSally BartolameolliAs a gifted and intuitive facilitator and teacher, Sally has lead and taught seminars, weekend retreats and workshops all over the country focused on the healing and empowerment of women. She has a special interest in creating safe and empowering communities that give voice to diversity and bring into balance strong feminine perspective and expression. As a coach, teacher and consultant, she has worked with individuals and groups using bioenergetic and emotional healing and release techniques that restore balance to the body, mind and heart. This release also returns access to the body and mind's full intuitive capabilities and natural healing abilities. Sally is committed to assisting women in uncovering and healing their addictive behaviors and the set up in our society and family systems. Once addiction is addressed, it is Sally’s belief that we are freed to explore and connect with our deeper Soul purpose and unique way of sharing our gifts in the world. Her next book addresses the meditative and abundance resources available for spiritual enhancement and her unique perspective in embracing the Sacred Divine Feminine.

Sally has a Master’s degree in Education and years of teaching emotionally and learning challenged children. She is a certified Shadow Work™ facilitator and Holistic Health Counselor trained at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and Columbia University. She is also a member of the American Association Drugless Practitioners. She is a certified teacher and trainer of Quest/Lion’s Club Social Skills and Drug Prevention Curriculum for parents and children.  Sally is co-author of the book, Relationships: From Addiction to Authenticity available on, all major bookstores or


About Blessings From Mary

Mary is Mary Magdalene.She is my sister, friend, mentor and soul partner on this spirit and soul filled journey. I am humbled by this connection and the ways in which she speaks to me. Sharing these meditative, spiritual writings with you is my way of being of service. It honors my own Divine Purpose and Destiny, but more importantly offers adoration to the Sacred Feminine. In doing so, I know that your own individual Divine Purpose and Destiny is blessed and Sacred Divine Feminine is honored.

The meditations and wisdom contained within the book come out of the spiritual practice I've participated in over the last twenty years. Mary Magdalene joined me in this prayer practice over the last two years and inspired the writing. In the book, I also share a step by step process that anyone may use to connect with their own unique set of spiritual guides and soul partners. I have come to believe that every individual has a unique Divine Destiny and a set of spiritual guides waiting to assist them in their journey. The necessary foundation for actively manifesting our Soul Purpose is the inner healing work and restoration of health and well being. This is our own path that leads us to our soul purpose. Our own addictions, family hurts and wounded ness become the transformational energy for our own healing and the emergence of our unique gifts. Embracing and honoring our humanness is the key to embracing and honoring our Divinity. With our own personal work comes compassion, wisdom and the freedom to see it all from a Divine Perspective. We are now available to offer our energy for the service and healing of others as well as continued restoration of Sacred Divine Feminine to Her proper, sovereign place.

It is my deepest intention that you are blessed by your visit here, the services available and the book of meditations from Mary. Please receive what resonates for you and leave the rest. I trust that you are here for a reason and are ready to receive the abundance available to you. It takes great courage for us to truly embrace our own worthiness and the profound value of our contributions. May you be brave and humble enough to know both.

In service of the Divine,

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